MotorGuide Trolling Motor Pull-Cord Repair

The pull cord on my motorguide has been frayed for months and it finally snapped; while fishing; with the motor down; of course.

I know the old pros out there won't need instructions on this repair, but I'm a rookie at most of this stuff, and I wanted some guidance, so after making a few mistakes, below are the steps I took to replace it:

1. With the motor in the down position and the motor removed, remove the clip on the pin holding the motor bracket in place. Slide it out, and rotate the bracket down and the upper arm back, to allow access to the hole with the knot in it.

2. Use a pair of needle nose plyers (needle-nose vice-grips are even better) to pull the old knot out of the access hole. This may take a few minutes, but it'll come through.

3. Untie the knot, and tie about a foot of fishing line as close to the unbroken end of the old cord as possible. I used monofilament first but it kept slipping, so I tried braid and it dug in better. Now pull the old cord out so the fishing line threads through the hole.

4. Clip the old cord off, and tie the fishing line to the very end of the replacement cord and pull it back through the hole. The closer you tie the knot to the end of the new cord the easier it'll be to get it to feed through that hole.

5. Tie a knot in the pull cord to secure it. I tried a square knot the first time, and it came free when I pulled it, so I tried a slip knot and it held great (so far).

6. Work the knot back down into the access hole.

7. Tie more fishing line to the free end of the pull cord, and thread it out the front where the cord needs to go, and then pull the cord through. Done!

This step is only for threading the fishing line through when the pull cord is gone completely.

If there's nothing going through the hole to feed the line through, look through the gap on the side of the bracket where the front locking pin slides back and forth, you can see the little hole the cord needs to thread through. Just threaded some braid through there, and fish both ends of it through the access hole with a fish hook. Then you're back to step three.